Indie Crowd Funder Only
Anyone that meets our Entertainment Professional requirements is eligible to launch a project on IndieCrowdFunder. Just click the "Sign Up/Login" link in the upper right-hand corner of the home page to apply for a Professional Account. From the Signup/Login page click on the “green” Professional Application button. Once your Professional Account Application has been approved, you can begin building your project, by logging into the system and clicking on the “Start Project” link.

You can find tips on structuring and running your project in our Indie Crowd Funder University. Meanwhile, feel free to save your project as a draft and return to finish it up or submit it for review at a later date.
IndieCrowdFunder is open to Entertainment Professionals, investors and fans all over the world.
  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You complete an IndieCrowdFunder Entertainment Professional Application.
  • You have verifiable entertainment industry experience.

We do allow production companies to join. After account approval, simply email and request your account be designated as a company.
Currently, ICF allows only new media, television, short & feature film projects to be created on our platform. There are future plans to allow Fashion, Games, Music & Literature industry.
  • Make a detailed project plan.
  • Make a detailed production budget. Use this to set your funding goal.
  • Look closely at other Indie Crowd Funder projects.
  • Determine if your project will allow rewards or equity or a combination of both.
  • If your project will have rewards, Brainstorm with your production team and come up with exclusive and exciting ones.  Fans want to participate at levels they couldn’t before, give them what they want.
  • If your project will have equity, consult with a lawyer, accountant to setup your company to accept equity investments.
  • Consult IndieCrowdFunder University for tips and tricks from our staff, as well as the tips posts on our blog.
  • Have a plan for spreading the word about the project.  Utilize your projects well known cast and crews members to effectively build awareness about your coming project.

Funding a project here is not unlike speaking with studio executives or investors around the world, but here there are thousands of people eagerly waiting to hear your pitch.  Treat them with respect and give them what they want and in turn they will support you with their hard earned money.  Lastly, have fun with it!
Projects on Indie Crowd Funder can last anywhere from 35 to 120 days.
We recommend that project durations last 60 days or less. Shorter durations help to build more urgency to support your project and reduces the wait and see mentality.
Share as much as you can with your fans.  The more someone knows the more comfortable they will be with funding your project. is setup to help you provide information about each project type to help standardize what information is given to a fan or investor.  However we do provide additional fields to allow you to specify more information.  We also provide ways to link multiple videos and files for viewing and reading.  Please be aware that this site is a publicly accessible site so detailed information maybe shown.
Videos are not required to launch, but you increase your success rate greatly with one or more.  Fans and investors will want to hear directly from you, your cast and your key crew members about the project, why and how it was started, etc.  It provides a personal touch and fans are here to connect with their favorite content creator.
For ease of use and the ability to track views and monetize each view we link videos to your project using YouTube and Vimeo.  Check with these sites for signing up for accounts and necessary video encoding formats.
Anything your imagination can conjure, within reason.  We will reject rewards that are outlandish or that we deem unsafe or unfulfillable by you or your production team.  You can use the standard rewards such as T-shirts, posters, autographs, copy of shooting script, DVD’s with special commentating.  You could go a step further and offer things such as Producer credit, access to production blog with exclusive on set images, short Skype or phone calls with you are one of the cast members, Trip to the set and featured extra or cast role or walking the red carpet at the premiere.  The key is to offer something they cannot get as being a fan of yours from a far.  Your fans come here to be a part of your project from inception, give them what they want.

Accredited and non-accredited Investors will not seek out rewards but equity stake in the production.  Nothing flashy is needed here.
Of course!  When building your project, place the limited number in the "Total # available" box.  This will allow you to limited the number of rewards given. Example; you want to offer 20 VIP seats at your film's premiere, place 20 in the "Total # available" box.  Once 20 fans purchase VIP premiere rewards, that reward will be unavailable for purchase.
The estimated delivery date for a reward unit(s) is the date you expect to deliver that reward to your fans.  If you're offering multiple items on a single reward make sure your estimated delivery date is set at a reasonable date so that all items can be fulfilled.

Take time to consider your dates as your fans will expect their rewards on or around those dates.  It's always good practice to under-promise and over-deliver.

Please note:  Your project can be denied if we feel you have set unrealistic delivery dates or we receive complaints about your fulfillment practices.
In general, the cost to mail your backers their rewards (postage, envelopes, etc.) should be taken into account when you set your goal and price your rewards.  Be mindful that unless you specify, fans and investors can support your project from anywhere in the world.  It’s exciting to realize you have supports for your content on the other side of the globe, but international postage can be expensive.  Include the cost for shipping and handling of your rewards into your project’s budget. IndieCrowdFunder is not responsible for fulfillment of rewards.
This practice is common in crowdfunding and can be an advantage if done right.  You can restrict your reward or equity offerings by simply stating that in the title or description of the reward.  While most sites can discourage this practice we actually encourage it.  Offering rewards to fans of certain cultures shows a level of respect and appreciation for those fans and investors culture.  Culture specific rewards can gain you higher purchases and donations as well as new fans of that area.
Yes, projects remain live on IndieCrowdFunder until their funding completion date has been reached.  In the world of professional content creation, you can never have too much money.  You will receive all moneys that you raised minus any standard fees. Equity project may or may not allow you to raise more then the stated goal.
Yes. A professional has the option to cancel funding for their offering. When funding is canceled, all equity purchases are immediately voided and will be refunded to investors.
IndieCrowdFunder categorize projects by location, type and genre.  We do not provide sub categories at this time.
Yes, unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we realize that Professionals have a tendency to work on multiple projects simultaneously, so we permit our Professionals to run multiple reward projects at the same time. Equity projects are limited to one per every 12 months.

We realize that running multiple projects simultaneously is a lot of work, and will take up a great deal of your time, energy and possibly confuse your backers and split their support.  However, we have complete confidence in your ability to make your project(s) a success through crowdfunding.  However, if you're a first-time content creator and have multiple project ideas, we recommend selecting the one that's most developed and trying that first.
While we understand, more than anyone, the need to protect your ideas we encourage you to take the proper precautions such as registering your screenplays with WGA, obtaining the proper copyright, and any protections offered by the various GUIDs you may be a member of. To report and activity or others you suspect may be infringing on your copyright, email us at
Absolutely and we greatly encourage that action.  As soon as your project is approved you will be given a funding start date.  The funding date is usually 2-5 days after initial approval.  This gives you time to notify anyone within your circle to start speaking about it.  Additionally once you are approved your project is visible to everyone so you can copy your link to various other social media profiles, etc. throughout the internet.  Have your production cast and crew do the same thing, awareness equals funding.
Each project is linked to a single IndieCrowdFunder account, but you can list the members of your team (producers, cast, writers, designers, etc.) on the project using the "Attachments" section of the project edit screen.  This allows all of your fans and investors to see who is on board with you for this journey.  Their fans can also become your fans.
We’re available to all in every corner of the world.  However do to certain banking laws, some professionals in certain countries will have more difficulty transferring financing from U.S. based bank account to their bank account(s).  We recommend you check your country’s law and treaties in regards to banking/financing before submitting a project for funding.  United States Homeland Security could make transfer of funding nearly impossible in certain situations.
Companies are allowed to create and operate projects on this platform.  Every organization must follow the same project guidelines and we encourage professionals to become involved in charity cause or event crowdfunding.  Tax deductions are based on the laws of the country of the purchaser and Indie Crowd Funder, LLC. cannot guarantee you will receive any break on your local or federal tax liability.
You can link directly to an image in the open text sections of your project by using HTML tags.  We also provide the ability for external links within the Links section of the edit project screen.  Additional videos can be added directly to your project using the Media/Videos section of the edit project screen as well as HTML tags used within the “Updates” section of the project.

Indie Crowd Funder reserves the right to cancel your project if any of these images or videos are found to be offensive, vulgar or distasteful and may cause direct physical, mental or reputational harm to other professionals, fans or investors.
Forever! Projects are not closed or taken down, they remain on site for reference and transparency.
For the same reasons, projects cannot be deleted once approved, even if they were canceled or unsuccessful.

Please note that deleting your Indie Crowd Funder account will not delete your project.
Do not use content that you don't have the rights to within your project or profile.  As a professional you know the implications of using copyrighted material as it is against the law and demeans your peers.

When copyright disputes do arise on Indie Crowd Funder (and it can happen), we handle them in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.  To avoid unnecessary disruption, projects in question are typically removed from public view but are not immediately canceled as we will perform and internal review.  This keeps pledge authorizations and lines of communication intact, and leaves room for project recovery where appropriate.

The easiest way to avoid copyright troubles altogether, though, is to create all the content yourself or use content that is free for public use.
The maximum reward and unaccredited equity amounts cannot exceed $50,000 (USD).  In certain situations the amount can be exceeded but must be approved by our Compliance Department before funding starts.  Accredited Equity units do not have a maximum amount.

Please note, all dollar amounts on the site are in USD and transferring to other currency may cause a small gain or loss based on exchange rates at the time of transfer.
No!  Unlike other sites, we do not require you to have an account with WePay or any other payment partner.  This ensures all finances are transferred to legitimate accounts and not used for any criminal activities.  It is important to check the laws of your country in the areas of banking and finance to determine if transfers from US based bank can be made to your countries bank.  To avoid any hassle with United States Homeland Security, it is best to have a US bank account as your projects financial destination.
Yes! For each successfully funded project, ICF shall receive and you agree to provide credit, on screen, a single or dual card, in the main titles and ending credits, below or after the title of the Picture, (subject to customary distributor exclusions), to be determined by alphabetical order with the others guaranteed credit. Credit shall read "Executive Producer:Christopher D. Parker", "Executive Producer: Gregory Parker","Executive Producer: Denise Smith"
For reward-based projects there are no set-up or up-front fees. For equity-based projects, there are small up-front fees associated with listing administration, due diligence, background checks and registrations required by state and federal governments. Please Note: Any equity setup fees paid will NOT be refunded. Further, a charge a 6% success-based fee (commission) maybe charged by the broker dealer. Currently, IndieCrowdFunder is not the beneficiary of any TRANSACTION-BASED FEE or COMMISSION associated with any project. Transaction-Based fees (if assessed) will be collected and accrued by the third-party broker dealer service provider(s).

Funds pledged by Fans for rewards are collected by WePay Payments Services. There is a 2.9% transaction fee collected by WePay Payment Services at the time of the transaction. IndieCrowdFunder is not responsible FOR the performance or fees of WePay Payment Services.

Investors and Fans agree to pay any and all accredited investor certification fees, brokerage fees and any other fees associated with and/or arising from placing their account and/or investing in projects placed on IndieCrowdFunder.

    Yes, by using our site you agree to allow IndieCrowdFunder (ICF) the use of any and or all your project(s) information, to use in any and or all ICF marketing or other materials for any reason ICF deems reasonable.

To change your address, fax or email a copy of your state or country issued ID, driver’s license, passport or another form of picture ID, along with a copy of a bill, bank statement, or something proving your new address of residence. Please include your account ID, located on your profile page. 

Fax 323-400-6655 or

Investing in film, TV and new media projects is risky enough,therefore ICF desires to provide our investors all the information they need to make a sound investment decision. That is why you as a filmmaker must provide these documents for review before your project will be allowed on our site: 1) A Detailed Project Plan, 2) A Full Script, 3) Detailed Production Budget, 4) Detailed Production Schedule, 5) Company Operating Agreement, 6) State Articles of Incorporation/Organization, 7) Completed Bad Actor Form for all company owners, board member, etc.

ICF reserves the right to require the filmmaker and or issuer to provide any and all documents needed to perform the proper level of due diligence. To include but not limited to: 1) Letters of Attachment or Interest from; Bankable Talent, Director, other Financing Source, Merchandising Entities, Distributor, and or Completion Bond company, 2) Insurance Documents or a list of intended insurance options, 3) Agreements from other companies involved with the project, 4) Chain of title for intellectual property and or copyright certificates, 5) Last three years or all existing federal tax returns, 6) Historical Financial Statements (in excel), 7) Forecast P&L with Operating Cash Flows, 8) Use of Proceeds / CAPEX Plan, 9) Detail on Outstanding Liabilities (Debt terms, bank credit, etc.).
Reward only projects can have a budget as low as $10,000 (USD) and Equity-based projects can have a budget as low as $100,000 (USD).
IndieCrowdFunder is open to Entertainment Professionals, investors and fans all over the world.
Yes! For each successfully funded project, ICF shall receive and you agree to provide credit, on screen, a single or dual card, in the main titles and ending credits, below or after the title of the Picture, (subject to customary distributor exclusions), to be determined by alphabetical order with the others guaranteed credit. Credit shall read "Executive Producer:Christopher D. Parker", "Executive Producer: Gregory Parker","Executive Producer: Denise Smith"
Reward only projects can have a budget as low as $10,000 (USD) and Equity-based projects can have a budget as low as $100,000 (USD).

Fees and Payments

Joining IndieCrowdFunder is free. However, we may charge fees for certain services. When you use a service that has a fee you have an opportunity to review and accept the fees that you will be charged. Changes to fees are effective after we provide you with notice by posting the changes on the Site. You are responsible for paying all fees and taxes associated with your use of the Service.

As a professional you agree to pay:

  • A (6%) six percent commission of the total funds received.
  • Any and all fees associated with listing administration, due diligence, background checks and state registrations required by the federal or state governments to register your equity offering. Please Note: These fees paid, will not be refunded.
  • (1%) one percent of the total funds received on all debt financing, gap financing and/or or tax credit financing transactions set up through IndieCrowdFunder.
  • For each film distribution deal set up through IndieCrowdFunder, IndieCrowdFunder will receive (0.5) half of one point" backend" deal, off of the films gross revenue into perpetuity. A written contract may be required.
  • You further agree to pay any and all other fees associated with and or arising from placing their account and or project(s) and or funding their project(s) on IndieCrowdFunder or any and all of its partners. A written contract may be required for some services.

Offering transactions are collected by WePay Payments Services. There is a 2.9% transaction fee collected by WePay Payment Services at the time of the transaction. IndieCrowdFunder is not responsible for the performance or fees of WePay Payment Services.

Investors agree to pay any and all fees associated with and/or arising from placing their account and/or investing in equity offerings placed on IndieCrowdFunder.


Indie Crowd Funder Only provides Title III crowdfunding services for Hollywood professionals.
This platform provides Feature film, television and new media offerings.
There is no real membership requirement with So yes,anyone can join; from “accredited investors” as defined by the SEC, to a single mom in Kansas. Both can create an account.
When new investment opportunities become available, will send an email alert to its users. Further, you can receive updates by following on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
You will receive email updates when important news occurs about the film project you’ve invested in. Additionally, log in to your account and review the blog for the film project you’ve invested in to keep up with the latest news. Additionally, your profile will show any important information about each of your investments.
For more information on the investment process, take a look at our investment overview page.
The terms of each investment are clearly displayed on that project’s main webpage. Minimum investment amounts may vary from film project to film project.
When you invest in film projects on, you’re buying equity interest in a real company setup to develop and produce the motion picture. Fans and investors in a project will own securities issued by the projects producers (issuers) only. You are NOT buying equity interest in or its affiliated companies.
Returns or distributions are determine by the issuing company. You should read the all project investor documentation carefully for an idea as to when the issuer are expecting a return. Further, Investments in projects are not traded in a public market or exchange, and with motion pictures taking any where from 6 months to 18 months or more, from script to movie theater. It could take years for a financial distribution to occur, if at all' It is best to plan not to have access to returns on your investment for an extended and indefinite period of time, or at all. If you choose to invest, you should invest only what you can afford to lose entirely. or any of their affiliates; do NOT provide investment advice, or recommendations. You must make your own decision as to whether an invest in any project listed is right for you.

Very risky. ONLY invest an amount you can afford to lose entirely.

Investment in the film industry is highly speculative and inherently risky. There can be no assurance of the economic success of any motion picture since the revenues derived from the production and distribution of a motion picture depend primarily upon its acceptance by the public, which cannot be predicted. The commercial success of a motion picture also depends upon the quality and acceptance of other competing films released into the marketplace at or near the same time, general economic factors, and other tangible and intangible factors, all of which can change and cannot be predicted with certainty. is comprehensive and exclusive online investment platform where Hollywood professionals and celebrities place equity and reward based crowdfunding film,television and new media projects for investors and fans to invest in.

Yes, you may cancel your investment at anytime prior to 48 hours before the offering closing date. When your investment is canceled, your equity purchase will immediately be voided and will be refunded to you by check. Please keep in mind it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your refund.


Indie Crowd Funder Only

IndieCrowdFunder  recognizes the diverse operating systems and Internet browsers our entertainment professionals, fans and investors may be using. While we want every entertainment professional, fan and investor to have the best possible experience on our Web site, we recognize that it is impossible to develop applications that work identically, efficiently, and effectively with all browsers. currently supports Microsoft® Internet Explorer 10.x and up, as well as Mozilla Firefox 7.x and up, and Chrome 15.x and up on the PC. We also support Safari 5.x and up on the Macintosh®.

For optimal viewing, please set your screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768 and have JavaScript enabled.

Updated July 2014

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