Project Guidelines is a platform dedicated to bringing film, television, new media and other entertainment projects to life. Here are a few rules every project creator must follow:

Project must be clearly presented and accurate.

Your projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent any facts. As a creator you should take great care to be forthright about what you plan to accomplish and your background. Never make claims of support, cast LOIs, financial or project distribution that cannot be supported. Further, you must follow the Terms & Conditions.

Projects can’t fundraise for charity or involve prohibited items.

While everyone has their favorite charity they support, fundraising for such are not permitted on Further, projects cannot promise to donate funds raised to a charity. also will not allow any projects containing these prohibited things.

No Spam and Be Nice update comments and messaging systems are here so investors and entertainment professionals can communicate and ask questions. Do not spam.

Further, communication is key and we ask that you do not post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content. Do not post personal information. Do not post copyrighted content without permission. If you do not like a project, do not invest, simply move along.

Prohibited Items prohibits projects that are illegal or potentially dangerous for investors.

  • Any item claiming to cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition (whether via a device, app, book, nutritional supplement, or other means).
  • Contests, coupons, gambling, raffles, and lifetime memberships as equity.
  • Energy food and drinks as equity.
  • Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc).
  • Offering a genetically modified organism as equity.
  • Offering alcohol as equity.
  • Offering financial, money-processing, or credit services; financial intermediaries or cash-equivalent instruments; travel services (e.g., vacation packages); phone services (e.g., prepaid phone services, 900 numbers); and business marketing services as equity.
  • Political fundraising or films, television or new media that are deemed to be political fundraising.
  • Pornographic material as equity.
  • Tobacco, drugs, and drug paraphernalia as equity.

If you require further assistance feel free to contact our Professional Accounts Department at proaccounts [@]

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